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Kanebridge News and Kanebridge Quarterly

The Kanebridgenews.com news service and the Kanebridge Quarterly magazine deliver independent property, finance, investment and lifestyle news useful to anyone interested in the Australian market.

In in addition to content from Australia based experts, we have expanded our content by including, in commercial partnership with Dow Jones, content from their world-renowned publications – The Wall Street Journal, Mansions Global, Barron’s and PENTA – to bring you news and insights from across the globe.

Robyn Willis, Editor-in-Chief of www.Kanebridge News and the Kanebridge News Quarterly magazine, focuses the kanebridgenews.com on daily updates in the world of finance, property and lifestyle and takes a longer view with the Kanebridge Quarterly magazine, combining beautiful imagery of inspirational design with practical advice on investing, buying and selling.

Robyn has been a journalist for more than 25 years, and has specialised in writing about architecture, building and design.  Prior to joining Kanebridge, Robyn was the editor of Home and Real Estate sections of The Daily Telegraph for over 6 years.

The Kanebridge Group

The Kanebridge Group was established in 1999 and includes Kanebridge Capital Pty Ltd A CN 098 880 767, Kanebridge Property Pty Ltd A CN 159 885 664, and Kanebridge Media Pty Ltd A CN 611 370 846.

Kanebridge Group’s  mission continues to be to give people the tools they need to  build wealth through property.

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