Summer 2023

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Welcome to the summer 2023/24 issue of Kanebridge Quarterly magazine. As the weather warms up, we’re all about the outdoors this issue, starting with our cover story on the growing interest in rooftop gardens for urban environments. As density increases and outdoor spaces shrink, rooftops with views are becoming the property must have. And if we’re talking inner city living, you’ll love our story about the number of Victorians returning to Melbourne’s vibrant inner locales.

Ever entertained the idea of buying a boat? We consider the pros and cons of boat ownership, as well as ways to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the drama. In Living, we’re taking to the road, with an exploration of the luxury camping market. Let’s just say it’s come a long way from bush showers and camp beds. If your interests are a little more specific, check out our story on special interest travel. Whether you’re into history, food, crafting or more, there’s a trip designed to cater to your desires.


  • The rising value of contemporary women’s art auction
  • Why everyone is installing a cellar at home
  • Secrets of the hotel concierge
  • Incredible homes from around the country

As always, we’re joined by our partners at Dow Jones, with insightful stories on Property, Money and Living from The Wall Street Journal.

It’s a cracking read.