Autumn 2024

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In the Autumn 2024 issue of Kanebridge Quarterly, we celebrate life in the city, from the best luxury apartments hitting the market to incredible houses transformed by the clever use of passive solar design. We kick off this issue with our story on the internationally recognised cool neighbourhoods in Sydney and Melbourne. They’re nowhere near the water, so what makes them so special? And how can you spot the next fashionable suburb? However, if you’re more about life’s little luxuries, check out our story on the rise of the apartment concierge — and where you can get in on the action.

In the Money section, as more homeowners feel the pinch, we look at ways to keep money in your pocket without the belt tightening, at least not much. Our tips are so easy to adopt, you won’t even notice you’re cutting back. Plus, we explore the world of investing in gems and jewellery, talking to the experts about what pieces truly appreciate in value.

There’s so much more in this issue:

  • Visit prestige properties using contemporary art to stand out from the crowd
  • Meet Singaporean designer Gabriel Tan who moved his family halfway round the world – in the middle of COVID
  • Join the growing number of travellers choosing to go solo
  • Explore the Melbourne house that doesn’t need heating