Best Custom Home Builders in Sydney in 2023
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Best Custom Home Builders in Sydney in 2024

By Kanebridge News
Mon, Feb 7, 2022 3:57pmGrey Clock 5 min

Do you want to start investing in homes or property in Sydney but don’t know the way forward? Finding the best specialist development or a construction firm near you would help. It stands out as one of many options you can consider. You can quickly find the best custom home builders in Sydney when you want to invest in homes or property.

Although with shortages of construction materials, we have several home builders in Sydney. That means the construction business still experiences consistent growth every day. Therefore, home builders across Sydney have something to smile about.

The best custom home builders in Sydney at the moment include:

1. Millbrook Homes

millbrook homes

Millbrook Homes is a family-owned and award-winning custom home builder in Sydney. The residential house builder has been around for close to forty years and has helped many Australians achieve their desired lifestyles.

Millbrook Homes provides customised services regardless of lifestyle, culture, or family size and can take care of all your needs – going to exceed your expectations.

Key features

  • Builds custom and stylish homes in Sydney, Australia.
  • Offers layout designs and construction management.
  • Highly experienced professionals.

Millbrook Homes has a 4.7-star rating on google.

2. Integriti Projects

Integriti Projects

Integriti Projects, in Sydney’s North Shore, specialising in high-end residential construction..

Key features

  • Seamless service with amazing results.
  • Provides unique and excellent designs for your home.
  • The team has several ideas that you can work with

Integriti Projects has a 4.9 rating on Google.

3. Turrell Building

Turrell Building Pty Ltd

Turrell Building boasts over 26 years of experience. Since its establishment, Turrell building has managed over 460 top-quality building projects. Moreover, the company specialises in making custom and luxury homes in Sydney.

Key features

  • Wok to meet the expectations of all clients.
  • Specialises in building custom luxury homes.
  • The firm has completed more than 460 top-quality building projects.

Turrell building has thirty google reviews with a 4.8 rating.

4. Allura Homes

Allura Homes

Allura homes exist as one of the best custom home builders in Sydney. You can look for the company in Lane Cove West, Australia. Allura homes serve the entire Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Through the services of Allura homes, you can benefit from quality services. The company offers quality craft, and the team members pay attention to detail. In addition, the company has an Architectural and highly-experienced construction group. Therefore, they can work together to give you extraordinary custom homes.

Key features

  • Specializes in knockdown rebuild solutions.
  • The company makes custom houses at pocket-friendly prices.
  • The firm offers different designs of homes to choose from.

Allura homes have more than 24 google reviews and a 4.5 rating.

5. Kaplan Homes

Kaplan Homes

Kaplan homes is a family-owned builder that recently won the People’s Choice Award and they lead in the industry to protect their customers.

Kaplan homes offer several designs of homes to choose from. And they can deliver a dream home within your budget. The company has a long history of proven results. It remains the first and only firm that gives its clients BIG 4 Guarantees.

Key features

  • 7-star luxury inclusions.
  • It provides a lifetime structural guarantee as part of the Big 4 Guarantees.
  • Knockdown and rebuild.

Kaplan homes have a google rating of 4.8 with 61 reviews.

What to Look for in Best Custom Home Builders in Sydney

When you want to build a home, it can help when you find the right builder. And the following factors may help when looking for the best custom home builders in Sydney:

Check the builder’s folio.

You have the type and design of the home you want to build in mind. It’s essential, therefore, to look for a builder that has skills that can suit your plans. Again, you can look through their previous projects.

Ask or find references.

You can speak to different people who have worked with other home builders before. However, it would help to ask for several references and in separate categories.

Go an extra mile

You can further ask people whose homes were made by your prospective builder. Through that, you’ll find opinions from them. As a result, you’ll have the best and most honest information from them.

Tips to Make the Most of Best Home Builders

Look for skills: Try and see if the builder has enough knowledge, the right tools, and ability.

Look into the breadth of the project: The builder you choose should provide the required workflow. The builder should also offer enough infrastructure and have the necessary skills to support your requirements.

Look for the style of communication: Communication remains essential if you want a successful project. Hence, it helps when your contact the builder in good coordination.

Allow the builder to manage the whole project: As long as you trust the builder, they can work it. For example, they can procure required materials and handle labor on-site as you check the process.

Benefits of Going to the Best Custom Home Builders

When you go for the best custom home builders, you benefit from the following:

  • The best custom home builders ensure a smooth building transition from the start to the end.
  • Custom home builders work so that you can have your dream home on time.
  • The best custom home builders can twist the initial design into your expectations.
  • New homes always mean you have new appliances in place. And all modern devices have good energy efficiency.
  • Although building a custom home looks like a significant investment initially, it may save you money. When you invest in a custom home, you come up with the exact expected dream home.


From the above review, anyone in Sydney can have a custom home. We have listed some of the best custom home builders in Sydney. Therefore, the choice remains for those who dwell in Sydney.


Consumers are going to gravitate toward applications powered by the buzzy new technology, analyst Michael Wolf predicts

Chris Dixon, a partner who led the charge, says he has a ‘very long-term horizon’

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Outdoor furniture is not what it used to be. Long gone are the rickety timber settings and faded plastic chairs. Thanks to innovations in surface development, outdoor furniture and fabrics can now be hard to distinguish from their indoor counterparts. Water, UV and mould resistant, they have been engineered to withstand weather conditions while still maintaining their good looks. With summer almost here, we’ve assembled our best 10 outdoor furniture retailers to ensure that when the sun comes out, you’re ready to enjoy your own great outdoors.


Susan and Gordon Tait started their outdoor furniture business in 1992 with a commitment to Australian designed and made outdoor furniture created to withstand local conditions. Thirty years later, they have an enviable reputation for sustainability, offsetting 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide and diverting almost a tonne of soft plastic from landfill each year, as well as continuing to manufacture out of Melbourne. Oh, and their ranges of steel and timber chairs, tables, benches and accessories have a timeless beauty and durability that makes them incredibly desirable.


Another business committed to sustainable practices, Mamagreen furniture is manufactured using materials that are either recycled or can be recycled. More than 90 percent of the teak Mamagreen uses is sourced from old buildings, with the remaining timber from managed plantations. If you’re looking for that resort feel at home, this is the place to go. In fact, their products can be found in hotels around Australia. We love the circular Begonia lounge, which is perfect for hosting friends while, for shade, you can’t go past the flexible Sombrero shade.

Coco Republic

This Australian business headed up by Anthony Spon-Smith has been making great strides with its outdoor furniture ranges in recent years. Perhaps more than any other of the leading brands, the outdoor furniture looks and feels like the indoor equivalent, with upholstered seating (designed to get wet and dry off quickly) and chunky timber or stone-look tables and pedestals. Taking inspo from Mediterranean resorts like the French or Italian Riveras, this is one brand worth staying home for.

Cosh Living

No photo description available.

Founded in 2008 on an ethos of Live Life Well, Cosh Living offers a comprehensive range of products for outdoor use, from pots, tables and chairs, through to outdoor lighting, rugs, daybeds and more. With leading brands such as Manutti, Tribu, Dedon and Coast at their disposal, the look is one of relaxed sophistication, whether it’s a bean bag poolside or an oversized sofa on the deck. With such an extensive range of products, this is one company where a visit to the showroom is useful, to help coordinate your look.

Eco Outdoor

Equally well known for their range of outdoor building supplies such as pavers, walling and pool surfaces, Eco Outdoor’s selection of outdoor furniture is just as popular, thanks to its focus on European styling and durability. Specifically designed for outdoor living, there’s everything from outdoor dining tables and chairs in teak, wicker or aluminium through to lounges, beanbags and umbrellas. With showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, you can drop in and assess the quality for yourself.


Whatever you need to furnish your outdoor space, chances are Satara has it. From lounge chairs and barstools to outdoor rugs and pot stands, this retailer has everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish outdoor space. With showrooms in most capital cities, you can experience the quality for yourself before making a final purchase. Designs range from classic Australian style through to contemporary Euro.


If it’s flexible outdoor furniture with modern lines you’re after, check out the range of sofas, coffee tables and dining suites from GlobeWest. Materials range from teak and aluminium to woven resin and ceramic in contemporary styles suited to a variety of architectural styles. Available direct to trade, the website also has an easy stockist search option to locate your nearest retailer.

Cotswold Furniture

There’s a reason why this legendary outdoor furniture supplier has been in business for more than 40 years. Known for its classic, durable outdoor furniture, Cotswold has longstanding associations with brands such as Vincent Sheppard and Fast Outdoor Lifestyle, as well as Cotswold Teak. While their loyal client base loves the classics, including Lloyd Loom and teak Adirondack chairs, this company has continued to evolve and innovate with contemporary ranges designed to stand the test of time.



It’s hard to go past Ikea for knockabout, versatile outdoor furniture that retains a sense of style. If you have an outdoor space to fill, chances are Ikea has the chair, lounge, outdoor table or accessories to fill it. We particularly love the classic moulded frame of the Skarpo chair (pictured) but could be persuaded by the highback woven Hogsten chair. For smaller spaces, the Torparo is a great shelf or mini table you can attach to the railing or fence.


This largely online furniture retailer initially sought to provide adaptable, compact furniture for the apartment market in Singapore. As it turns out, it’s a great fit for the Australian market too, as backyards and balcony spaces decrease in size. The range of dining and lounge suites is classic, with slimline armrests and legs. Colours are limited to greys and beiges but could easily be brightened up with accent cushions if that’s your style.

How do I choose the right outdoor dining setting for me?

While many of the same principles apply whether you’re dining indoors or out, the big difference is the weather. Outdoor furniture can take a beating if it is exposed to UV and rain for extended periods of time, so your choice will depend on whether your furniture will at least have some covering or will most likely be completely in the elements. Aluminium furniture can be a great option because it is lightweight and easy to move around, while teak ages to silver grey when left in the sun. If space is a factor, folding or stackable chairs can be useful.

What’s the difference between indoor lounge cushions and the ones on outdoor lounges?

Outdoor cushions are specially designed for the weather conditions, with quick dry foam inserts to allow water to drain away relatively fast. They’re also covered with UV, water and mould resistant fabrics specified for outdoor use. Sunbrella is the market leader for outdoor fabrics in Australia and uses solution dyed acrylic to create fabrics that are almost indiscernible from their indoor equivalents. Interior designers have been known to specify high quality outdoor fabrics for use in high traffic indoor spaces, such as family and rumpus rooms.

I have an outdoor space I want to furnish. Should I choose a lounge suite or a dining setting?

It’s really a lifestyle decision here. If you enjoy entertaining friends regularly, a dining setting might be the most useful option. In some homes, outdoor dining might also provide a bit more room to move, making it a great option for hosting bigger groups. However, if you already have an indoor dining setting facing onto the outdoor space, there’s not much point doubling up. An outdoor lounge can create a flexible space for casual relaxation, or somewhere to sit to enjoy coffee or drinks with friends before or after dinner.


Consumers are going to gravitate toward applications powered by the buzzy new technology, analyst Michael Wolf predicts

Chris Dixon, a partner who led the charge, says he has a ‘very long-term horizon’

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