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5 Best Restaurants in Chatswood (A Local’s Guide to All Cuisines)

Tue, Feb 23, 2021 2:25pmGrey Clock 3 min

 My criteria to select this list was: 

  • Good food, nice space, good service. 
  • Well priced 
  • There is something memorable about it. 


Thank goodness we are in post covid times—no check in, no masks, no density limits.   Fingers crossed things stay this way. 

A bit of socialising over good food is a good thing.  

1. Mama Mulan 

Mama Mulan 

Mama Mulan is at the Concourse at Chatswood but separate from where other restaurants are you will have to walk up a flight up stairs, 

Sleek modern interior offers excellent regional Chinese menu.  Mama Mulan can be found in The Concourse, and is a large (150+) restaurant, bar with private dining areas. 

The menu offers a mix of traditional classics and new interpretations which keep things interesting.    

Mama Mulan offers a full range of fish. Meat and vegetarian fare.  Fresh seafood is available from its tanks.   

Dessert includes a range of signature fried ice cream flavours. 

Full range of  Chinese and Australian spirts, cocktails and local and international beer on offer. 




(02) 9157 1488 


Level 1, The Concourse, Chatswood  (Access via lift no.5 inside Chatswood City Library) 


2. New Shanghai 

New Shanghai 

New Shanghai restaurant can be found in multiple spots in NSW, Victoria and Overseas.   The Chatswood spot is top of the line—as the queue to get in on weekends can prove. 

New Shanghai is known for good food, bright and clean and cool ambiance, good service.   The buns, dumplings and other Dim Sim are excellent.   The clay pots get great reviews. The  live dumpling making theatre is interesting and entertaining. 




2 9412 3358 


B38 Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood  

3. PappaRich 


Papparich is located at Westfield Chatswood Shopping Centre,  Welcoming interior, bright and basic, with very friendly staff.   

Papparich offers a tasty selection of Malaysian fare.  Meat, Fish, Seafood and Vegitarian dishes all on offer.  Nasi lemaks,  rotis and other flatbreads, a range of laksa and other classics are on offer as well as specials taking advantage of the season. 

The menu at Papparich is comprehensive.  Something good for everyone. 




375/1 Anderson Street, Chatswood 


(02) 9413 9740 


4. Pellegrini’s Italian 

Pellegrini’s Italian 

Located in Chatswood Place, Pellegrini’s is all about sharing good Itailian food with friends and family.  Full range of traditional Italian at good prices. 

The menu is traditionally italian with a modern Australian twist offering locally-sourced produce and authentic Italian herbs and ingredients  

Open Lunch and Dinner.  Friendly staff, and great setting outside at the Chatswood Place. The service was excellent with friendly and attentive waitstaff.  




02 7228 0452  


The Mix, R, 13/260 Victoria Ave, Chatswood 


5. 465The Avenue 


465The Avenue  

Open for lunch or dinner—or a coffee during the in between times. 4365 The Avenue offers good food and drink in elegant atmosphere.    Very pleasant venue for a business meeting. Comfortable seating, good coffee and across the road from Chatswood station.   

Well thought out drinks menu including craft beers, the usual and unexpected spirits and a good  selection of whites, reds, pink and bubbles. 





02 94 232 888 


465 Victoria Avenue, CRN Brown & Railway St.  Chatswood 




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35 North Street Windsor

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The topic doesn’t come without its share of controversies, however. While many are in the camp that co-educational programs are, in large, leading to a more diverse, inclusive and progressive schooling experience for students, there is also a backing that voices its disadvantages and challenges – coeducational schooling can prove detrimental for certain types of learners, and at times, for girls.

So, as the educational system faces a changing with the times for future students, below we look at the very best co-ed schools in Melbourne based off a number of criteria, from academic and extracurricular programs, to facilities and location, plus more.

But first…

What is co-ed schooling?

Co-educational schooling, in its simplest form, refers to an educational system where both male and female students attend classes together in the same educational institution. Whereas single-sex schooling are institutions segregated by gender.

Is it better to go to a co-ed school?

To many, it depends the specific needs of the child at hand. While it’s proven that co-ed schooling does promote a sense of gender equality, a greater dynamic of social interaction and an opportunity to develop—or further enhance—interpersonal skills, some would argue that it can also present its challenges. For one, it can be said that educators would need to employ a more diverse teaching style to accomodate for the varied learning styles of both male and female students.

What is the most expensive school in Melbourne?

In 2024, it’s Geelong Grammar, with an average tuition fee of $46,344 per year for Year 12 students.

What is the most prestigious school in Melbourne?

While somewhat subjective, the most prestigious school in Melbourne is often determined by a number of varying factors, like academic performance, facilities, and extracurricular activities. Geelong Grammar, again, is at the top of the schooling hierarchy in Victoria – a boarding and day school founded in 1855 and one that has long held a reputation as one of the most prestigious co-educational institutions in Australia.


Below you will find nine other prestigious co-educational schools in and around Melbourne.


1. St Leonards College

St Leonards


Located in Brighton East, St Leonards College is one of Melbourne’s leading independent co-educational schools catering for students in all year levels, from ELC for three-year-olds through to Year 12. Since 1914, St Leonards College has been the Bayside school of choice, and remains an institution well regarded for its extracurricular activities.

2. Geelong Grammar

Geelong Grammar
Stefani Driscoll


Geelong Grammar is Australia’s largest co-educational boarding school, catering for over 1,500 girls and boys from pre-school through to year 12. In its rich 168-year history, Geelong Grammar has taught some notable alumni or “Old Geelong Grammarians”, including media mogul Rupert Murdoch and even King Charles III.

3. Carey Baptist Grammar School

Trevor Mein


Carey Grammar is a known leader in independant co-education, with campuses in Kew and Donvale that caters for students from early leaning to Year 12. With a strong focus on innovation, Carey is renowned for its progressive and diverse curriculum.

4. Wesley College

COX Architecture


Wesley College is an open-entry, co-educational school that has been offering the highest forms of education and cocurricular programs for over 150 years. Today, Wesley is one of Australia’s leading coeducational schools, with multiple campuses throughout Melbourne. Notably, Wesley is also one of the leading International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in the country, and is the only school in Victoria to offer IB from primary through to senior school.

5. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

John Gollings

In Melbourne’s north-west you’ll find the suburb of Essendon, where you’ll find most of the city’s most popular co-educational schools: Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, or ‘PEGS’. But PEGS offers a different structure to its co-educational system; in primary years of prep to year 6, there is a seperate junior school for girls (Moonee Ponds), and boys (Essendon). Its flagship Keilor East campus is home to a seperate Middle School campus for girls, and one for boys. From years 11 and 12—or VCE—, the senior school is combined.

This structure, as PEGS explains, allows students to “enjoy the proven benefits of a single-gender education during childhood and early adolescence as well as a mature co-educational environment during critical VCE years.”

6. Haileybury

Haileybury College


With an educational history dating back to 1892, Haileybury is considered one of the country’s finest co-educational schools thanks to a number of factors, from innovative teaching methods and outstanding academic results, to a strong focus on international studies.

7. Yarra Valley Grammar

Yarra Valley Grammar


A school that is highly regarded for its extensive range of contemporary opportunities and impeccably high standards of performance—led by principal Dr. Mark Merry— Yarra Valley Grammar, a school originally built on farmland “in the middle of nowhere”, is one of Melbourne’s best co-educational schools in the heart of the famed Yarra Valley region.

8. Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar


Caulfield Grammar has long held its reputation for academic excellence, as well as its commitment to a well-rounded, co-educational program. With a particular focus on VCE curriculum, students in years 10–12 will participate in a diverse academic program with 49 VCE subjects to choose from, and a range of broad and balanced co-curricular experiences.

9. Mentone Grammar

Mentone Grammar


Located in Melbourne’s idyllic Bayside area, Mentone Grammar is a leader in co-educational schooling, providing students from ELC to year 12 a plethora of opportunities to thrive, from its creativity and science centres to its immaculate sporting facilities, all designed to support a well-rounded—and highly regarded—educational program for females and males.

10. Huntingtower School

Huntingtower School


With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, the co-educational program at Huntingtower School in Melbourne’s south-east enables its students to “develop deeper level thinking skills.” Plus, with a strong extracurricular program that allows students to experience activities like triathlons, urban adventures and language immersion programs, there’s no shortage of what is possible at Huntingtower School.

All Photography supplied. 



35 North Street Windsor

Just 55 minutes from Sydney, make this your creative getaway located in the majestic Hawkesbury region.

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