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Monika Tu: “I’m the best agent”

A true force in real estate – the Black Diamondz founder talks Luxe Listings, prime markets and why penthouses are set to scale new heights.

By Terry Christodoulou
Tue, May 3, 2022Grey Clock 3 min

Kanebridge News: What Drives Monika Tu to wake up in the morning and work in property?

Monika Tu: I just want to do the best I can, get a couple more deals done — I just want to do another deal, take the commission, move to the next one. I just don’t want to waste time. I also have a lot of commitments to charities which drive me too.


KN: But why property, over another industry?

MT: The number one thing is the longer you’re in the industry, the better you get. With other businesses, you must buy and sell. For real estate, you don’t have to buy and sell, you just take this property, you put the strategy behind it, you work hard, you find the right buyer, you sell it, you get commission.


KN: The prime property market — in which you operate — has had little stock the last few years, how do you navigate that?

MT: When the stock is short you really must find your niche — ask yourself why do they [clients] want to work with you?  I just have that unique selling point, that will just stand out amongst everybody else. We sell to local, maybe about 60% of our buyers are local buyers but that other 40% of international buyers — I corner that market.


KN: But right now there’s a shortage of stock in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, do you tell buyers to look beyond that? How do you manage a motivated buyer?

MT: I’ll give you an example. If somebody wants waterfront, the first question is how much you have? They go, ‘Oh, I’ve got 15 to 20 million dollars,’ or, ‘I want to buy for 30.’ Darling, to be honest, for that kind of budget, you want the eastern suburbs then you’re only buying a dream.  Sometimes you just have to be flexible for change, and I’ll try and suggest waterfront in Northbridge or Mosman. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you can get what you want.


KN: You’re the break-out star of season two of Luxe Listings Sydney. How would you describe the experience?

MT: I’ve done a lot of TV appearances in the past. I mean, I’ve been on Unreal Estate with Channel Nine. I’ve got global properties with the ABC. I’ve done quite a few in the past, I’m kind of a semi-pro. But Luxe Listings is a different level — I think Amazon has a much bigger budget and everything is so professional.


KN: And what of your co-stars? In the real world, away from the show, do they motivate you? Does someone like Gavin push you to be better?

MT: Nobody pushes me better because I think I’m the best. I think it gives us an opportunity to get to know each other — we get to know the real person rather than just a competitive agent. I think we probably bring the best out of each other.


KN: Why would someone do business with you over another agent?

MT: If you are desperate to sell, I won’t have the buyer for you. My [buyers] take time to understand the property and I take time to find the buyer who will pay the premium price. In the end, the buyer is happy and the vendor is happy. My brand is, ‘can I be your trusted advisor?’.  With my clients, I think I’ve become more like their friend than their real estate agent.


KN: What do you think is the next big trend in the luxury real estate space?

MT: I think what is coming is the penthouse with the view. You see all the very wealthy Australians are older, 70-, 80-, 85-years old, so where are they going to go? That’s the ultimate retirement plan and for some of my Chinese friends — it’s quite easy to maintain.


KN: And what’s next for you?

MT: Well, I want to become a queen of the penthouse. Seriously, you watch me for two years, I tell you, I will get all the big penthouses in Australia. Also, season three of Luxe Listings and continuing to work with my charities.




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