Winter 2023

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Issue 3 of Kanebridge Quarterly is our winter edition and has everything you need to sustain you through Australia’s colder months, leading with our Australian made stories. In our Property section, we draw back the curtain on the reality of moving to a regional centre with our Going Up Country story. And if you’ve ever dreamed of buying a place of your own overseas, we can set you on the right path with our Dreaming of a Foreign Affair spread. We also take a look at how COVID changed the Australian film industry – for the better – as well as the regional towns set to benefit.

In the Money section, the Australian made theme continues, with advice on how to invest in local businesses, and still grow your wealth. For Succession fans, our story from The Wall Street Journal looks at power dynamics between ultra high net worth couples, while journalist Claire Heaney looks at the Australians giving away their money to further philanthropic interests.

Our Living section tours beautiful properties around the country, from a Japanese-inspired waterfront home in Perth, to a lush tropical paradise in the heart of Brisbane. And then, there’s our stunning cover story on a home built outside Tamworth in regional NSW in the midst of a drought. Plus, so much more.

  • How the home bar moved from the mancave to the kitchen – and got a style upgrade along the way
  • The Australian businesses committed to local manufacturing – and why you will want to support them
  • The best way to bounce back from a financial setback
  • How the hybrid working model is benefiting businesses in the ‘burbs

It’s another great read, bringing you the best from around the country, packed with information, without the jargon.

We do hope you enjoy.