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5 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Home

Architect Brad Swartz gives his best advice on creating a liveable small space.

By Brad Swartz
Tue, Apr 26, 2022Grey Clock 3 min

Brad Swartz and his eponymous architecture studio have garnered a heady reputation for making the most out of small homes. The studio is focused on a sustainable future for city development and works towards reformatting small inner-city dwellings and, simultaneously, removing all notions of compromise attached to present liveable homes. So, here at Kanebridge News, we though who better to pen a guide to designing a small home.

Here, five things to consider maximising your small space stylishly.

Case The Place

When looking to purchase a smaller unit or dwelling pay close attention to the windows and the external aspect. Often what makes a small dwelling feel bigger is what surrounds it or what it looks out to. A small unit with multiple windows — especially on either side — will make it feel larger, bring in better ventilation and better light.


Get Your Priorities Right

Figuring out what matters to you before designing your home is an essential first step. Whether you want a place to entertain, or you need space for an office, or lounging — having a clear understanding of what you want from your home will help you more efficiently organise and design your home.


Find Balance Between Storage And Space

Creating ample storage in a small home is always an uphill battle. The key to creating a comfortable and liveable space with little room is to find the balance between having the necessary storage without comprimising the sense of space. In a nutshell, this means making sure that you can see the full width of the room by not taking cupboards to the ceiling or leaving a gap under cabinets that exposes the flooring for a sense of continuity. These small things trick the eye and when combined with good aspect and lighting can make the home feel much bigger than it really is.


Find Opportunities For Multi-Use Items

Small homes require a sense of creativity, so where possible, find opportunities for things to have multiple uses. Foldable desks that become clothes racks, murphy beds, or screens like the one I used in The Boneca [pictured above] building I used to delineate the two spaces help to add functionality to a room without sacrificing space or light.

Add a Touch Of Luxury

Just because you’re living in a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to forgo life’s luxuries. And, as the spaces are smaller – a little bit goes a long way. Opt for a splash of marble, or other luxurious stone finishes, or build in a drop-down projector — whatever it is is, that’s going to make the home more comfortable and liveable for you. Ultimately these are home and you want to feel comfortable in them and want them to be a space you want to live in.




Interior designer Thomas Hamel on where it goes wrong in so many homes.

Following the devastation of recent flooding, experts are urging government intervention to drive the cessation of building in areas at risk.

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